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File Storage and Vital Records Management


Wilmington Record Center services allow you to save valuable on-site space, protect records and improve the efficiency of accessing records when you need them most.

Highly secure record center storage and management including inventory tracking, online access, and customized pickup and delivery services.

Office Records Storage

Wilmington Record Center programs offer both boxed record storage and open-shelf file management. Thousands of boxes and files are currently stored in our secure record storage facilities, all barcoded making them easily accessible and ensuring efficient tracking and retrieval.

Medical Records Management

Innovative and comprehensive, customized medical records management programs for the secure ongoing document storage of patient records, x-rays, films, CDs, slides and tissue blocks that are all HIPAA compliant.

Here are some of the most important reasons to entrust your Office and Medical Records to Access:

Record Centers:

  • Meet the most stringent industry standards

  • High security, restricted access

  • Latest fire suppression technology



  • Barcode-based container- and tape-level inventory tracking

  • Portable handheld scanners provide point-to-point tracking and chain of custody

  • Proprietary web-based inventory management



  • Next-day, same-day, and priority-rush services

  • 24 / 7 emergency services

  • Secure vehicles and highly trained transportation specialists


Special Services:

  • Records project management

  • Scan-on-demand to streamline records retrieval requests

  • Imaging and electronic records management solutions

Call 910-350-0036 to get a no obligation on Record Storage Management  quote now.

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