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Media Vault Storage


Complete, secure off-site protection for your electronic media and vital records with fire-rated, climate-controlled vaults include video surveillance, biometric security and tape-level inventory tracking.

Media Tape Storage

Tapes, disks, reels, microfiche, CDs and other forms of media require very specialized records management guidelines and storage. Access Off-Site Media Vault ensures the critical data your business will need to continue to operate successfully will be available if a disaster should occur. It includes the physical storage of media in a records storage environment that offers enhanced protection to this business critical data as well as specially developed rotation and delivery services.



Vital Document Storage

With today’s concerns about disaster preparedness and recovery and confidentiality, businesses as well as the legal community face new challenges in protecting client records including wills, trusts and other vital documents. The Access Valuable Document Storage Solution provides the very best off-site safety and security.



  • Restricted vault access includes biometric fingerprint security

  • External and internal video surveillance


  • Barcode-based container- and tape-level inventory tracking

  • Portable handheld scanners provide point-to-point tracking and chain of custody

  • Proprietary web-based inventory management

Fire Suppression:

  • Special vault design exceeds industry fire-rating standards

  • Environmentally friendly, dry fire suppression system

Climate Control:

  • State-of-the-art temperature and humidity control systems maintain a consistent 70.0°F ± 2° (21.1C° ± 2°) temperature with humidity strictly controlled at 50% ± 5%

  • Vault climate is carefully monitored 24 / 7

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