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Online Cloud-Based Backup & Recovery


Need something with strong secure encryption to go with it?

             Need a reliable and efficient Backup of your Data?

                 Multiple Devices need Backed up Daily?



A Secure Online or Local Data Backup Solution from Wilmington Record Center and


Your data is crucial to your success as a business, our cloud backup solutions ensures data is backed up, automatically and securely stored to an off-site location.


Services Overview:


We offer 3 standard options for backing up your network and devices, there is no cookie cutter way but we look at layers of protection.


  • Media Vault Storage - Tapes, disks, reels, microfiche, CDs and other forms of media require very specialized records management guidelines and storage. Access Off-Site Media Vault ensures the critical data your business will need to continue to operate successfully will be available if a disaster should occur. It includes the physical storage of media in a records storage environment that offers enhanced protection to this business critical data as well as specially developed rotation and delivery services.

  • Online Device Backup Solutions – Laptops, Desktops, MAC’s, Tablets and other devices can be set up to backup continually or scheduled on a daily or weekly basis.  Safe and Secure Using military-grade security, your company's files are encrypted (with AES-128 bit keys)

  • Online Backup Solution for your Network – Same as our Online Device Backup Solution, The Network Solution includes Microsoft Window Servers.  We give you 5 GB Storage Free per month!



Why you should Backup your Data?

Computer loss, theft, natural disaster, and accidental deletion, are just some of the ways that you can lose the data you’ve spent so long creating and accumulating. The only way to prepare for the unexpected is to have a good backup strategy in place. There are many different ways to backup your computers, and using multiple forms of backup will minimize the risk of ever losing your valuable files.


Did you know that 43% of the companies without a recovery plan that experience a severe data-loss, never re-open.  (Symantec)


Ease of Use:

Reliability and cost are important, but ease-of-use can also be a deciding factor when choosing a backup solution. With cloud backup, setting up the solution involves the simple process of signing up online and installing a small client on the computer or server. Within minutes, we can begin backing up your files.


67% of the companies that do backup haven’t verified what they are backing up and if they will restore properly. *(InfoWorld)


We test the backup process, verify the restore process and give you a monthly report!


Please feel free to contact 910Geeks with any questions you have or would like one of our reps to contact you. or contact us at 910-604-6373

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