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Since we opened our doors in 1994 our goal has been to build long lasting partnerships with our clients in the local business community.


Wilmington Records Center is a locally owned small enterprise with large aspirations. We are not content to simply provide warehouse service. Because we are independent we have the flexibility to adjust to our clients specific needs and we have the management tools, experience, and muscles to help our clients complete any needed task. Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial service relationship that you can depend upon.


The Wright family has been a part of Wilmington since the town’s inception so being a part of the local business community is important to us. I am always personally available to you should you need me.


We offer File Storage and Vital Records Management, Shipping, Receiving and Logistics, Media Vault Storage, Data Backup services to the Cloud, Inventory and Supply Chain Management, Special Delivery and Certified Destruction.

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